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Fur benches, fur ottomans , and fur pillows,, made with mongolian lamb fur. Ready made or customer made to order.

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Where do we go from here?!!

Patricia Thomas

Everywhere you look, Mongolia Lamb Fur, or Tibetan Lamb Fur is everywhere.  Faux fur is everywhere ( for those who don't like the real thing).  There is no comparison to the real thing so far as looks and softness.  

All colors are everywhere.  I've tried to master them all!!  Furniture, handbags, coats, where to we go from here?   Stay tuned, there has to be something else.

An Adventure in Color!

Patricia Thomas

The most fun I've had with Mongolian Lamb Fur is making custom colors.  I didn't realize how many shades of each color there is until I started dying it myself.  I use acid dye where the acid is distilled vinegar so its completely harmless. 

Imagine you can get fur in whatever color and shade you like!  All that's needed is a swatch of something you'd like to match, or, a picture of something you want.  These colors can be used on pillows, benches, ottomans, poufs, and chairs.  So when you're visiting my store, the colors you see are not the end.  There is a limitless variety!!  So go ahead and have fun with color:)

Mongolian Lamb at its BEST!!

Patricia Thomas

All items at AVA Home & Design are individually made with care and the finest of fur.  I got started making these as a result of finding faux fur pillows in a department store. They were cute but not the look and feel of elegance.  I then decided to find out where I can purchase and make some for myself. After the company I was working for went out of business, making  pillows just happened.  Actually, it was all orchestrated by God.  Everything just fell into place.

 After attempts with different countries and vendors, I was made aware that there are different grades of fur.  I learned to hard way that some shed really bad, probably due to storage and poor handling.  Also, some have a very thin skin, that doesn't  feel luxurious when touching or laying on it.  

I also found that the fur actually gets softer with age!!  Who knew!!  

I'll be back with more of my journey later:)