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Fur benches, fur ottomans , and fur pillows,, made with mongolian lamb fur. Ready made or customer made to order.


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An Adventure in Color!

Patricia Thomas

The most fun I've had with Mongolian Lamb Fur is making custom colors.  I didn't realize how many shades of each color there is until I started dying it myself.  I use acid dye where the acid is distilled vinegar so its completely harmless. 

Imagine you can get fur in whatever color and shade you like!  All that's needed is a swatch of something you'd like to match, or, a picture of something you want.  These colors can be used on pillows, benches, ottomans, poufs, and chairs.  So when you're visiting my store, the colors you see are not the end.  There is a limitless variety!!  So go ahead and have fun with color:)