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Mongolian lamb fur benches, and ottomans , and pillows that are ready made or customer made to order.

Mongolian Fur Pillow  Double sided sheepskin

Beautiful Fur Pillows made from Exceptional Quality Fur

Fur Pillows made with mongolian lamb fur or sheepskin.  These are handmade and not factory generated.  Personal care is given to each and every item or pillow made.  

Mongolian Fur Pillow Double sided sheepskin

20180304_113730 (1).jpg
20180304_113730 (1).jpg

Mongolian Fur Pillow Double sided sheepskin

from 115.00

Large Mongolian Lamb pillow double-sided pillow. Select sizes available   Fur is 3-4 inches long. Removable insert included. Others sizes available upon request.

All pillows are made to order right here in my home workshop, and may look slightly different from the picture as it is genuine fur and not manufactured. I try to get the longest fur possible but if you desire a shorter hair, just let me know.

Shipping to other countries can be minimized by shipping without the inserts. Please contact me if you would like to do this.


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