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Fur benches, fur ottomans , and fur pillows,, made with mongolian lamb fur. Ready made or customer made to order.

All about fur

A guide for decorating with fur and how to incorporate in into your home or office.

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Genuine fur vs faux fur

Patricia Thomas

Real fur is very soft and smooth whereas faux fur is a bit course and can feel different or rough in  humid conditions.s

Genuine fur is the warmest insulator available and is breathable. Fur has been keeping humans warm since the first recordings of mankind. Faux fur is not comparable when it comes to warmth.

Genuine is a natural resource and only a portion of what is produced by nature without depleting the resource or damaging the natural habitats that sustains them.  Plants and animals  generally produce more than the land can support to maturity.

Faux fur is produced from non-renewable resources and generally made from petroleum.  The production and disposal of  these chemicals can cause environmental problems.