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Mongolian lamb fur benches, and ottomans , and pillows that are ready made or customer made to order.

DIY Tibetan Fur Bench!


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DIY Tibetan Fur Bench!

Patricia Thomas

With all the stylish items that can be made with Tibetan Fur, it you want to save a few dollars, you can make them yourself.  You can find the Tibetan Fur or (Mongolian Fur) and Lucite or acrylic legs or bases and make them yourself.  All that's needed are the legs, wood, upholstery cushion and fur.  If you want to cover the wood bottom you may want to get a piece of fabric the length and width (plus 2").  You'll need a couple tools:

  • measuring tape,
  • screw driver and screws
  • drill
  • staple gun and staples
  • box cutter
  • knife ( to cut upholstery cushioning)

You can get the wood cut to size where you purchase it

You can get the acrylic and fur from my etsy store, or or any other source.

If you contact me, I will send you instructions and pictures free of charge!!  As soon as I figure out how to include pictures on this blog, I'll put the instructions here. lol