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Fur benches, fur ottomans , and fur pillows,, made with mongolian lamb fur. Ready made or customer made to order.

Mongolian Sheepskin Fur Pillow (28"x16")

Fur Pillows

Fur Pillows made with mongolian lamb fur or sheepskin.  These are handmade and not factory generated.  Personal care is given to each and every item or pillow made.  

Mongolian Sheepskin Fur Pillow (28"x16")


Mongolian Sheepskin Fur Pillow (28"x16")



Push, plush and longhaired.  Aztec Orange Gold Tibetan lamb pillow. Fabric side is 20x10. Fur is 3-4 inches long. Including fur, size is 28x16. Very plump and soft. A definite plus to any decor. Invisible zipper with removable insert. Color is more orange than gold. It has a sheen that makes it look gold

All color with the exception of black are dyed by me, right in my home using acid dye. The acid is just vinegar so it is never harmful.

I always try to get the same type of fur, however since it is a natural product, it is not always the same. 

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